“If I happen to die tomorrow, I’ll die happy.”

Margaret Holding & Barbara Stach

Although Margaret, from New Zealand, and Barbara, from Alberta, live on other ends of the world, all it took was a day on the train for them to realize how much they have in common. From checking things off of their bucket lists to giving their younger selves advice, join these women as they give a powerful outlook on making the most out of life.



This is really cool! Thanks so much for sharing.
I really enjoyed this. Such wisdom and so grateful that you both are able to do this.

Marion P Evans

How wonderful for Barb and Margaret to find one another. It just proves that we are all similar deep down in many ways.

I took the trip from Kingston Ontario to Vancouver this April with two friends that I volunteer with at our Seniors Association in Kingston. In my younger years I was lucky to do the trip several times to visit family and wanted to do it just one more time before my good health ran out. We three had just a marvelous time The staff and food were exceptional. Just as I had remembered it. The new Club Car was a dream and I liked the reconfiguration of the observation dome. Only thing lacking were charging facilities for our tech gear in our berth car.
One fellow (Kevin) going west, in the bar makes a smashing Bloody Cesar and soon the whole dome car was ordering them up. The table cloths in the dining car are not as dangerous as they were in my young days, Then the cloth edges/folds were so sharp one could perhaps injure themselves.
The mountains were just as lovely and if course prairie always caught my eye. and did so again. Imagine that you are travelling through a huge pyrex bowl and the sky stretches before you every which way.
It was my special way to celebrate Canada 150 and I would do it again in a flash.


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