Our team has had the most incredible experience travelling across the country recording conversations between hundreds of people throughout the summer. Now, we want to bring those stories to you in a brand new podcast.

C4C Conversations is a podcast all about the stories we tell and what can happen when we talk – and really listen to one another. The podcast features conversations between people from all across the country. Mothers and daughters, life-long friends, newlyweds and even complete strangers. We wanted to hear what people were thinking about, what they were worried about, their hopes for the future – and in the process, capture their raw and honest conversations.

Our team was blown away by what people had to say…

Now, C4C Conversations will bring these conversations to the surface, connect listeners through the stories that emerge and hopefully, challenge them to think about difficult topics. These conversations are candid and revealing. Some of them were fun and playful, while others were a little more difficult to listen to.

This podcast is all about the connections we make through sharing our stories. We hope that by listening to C4C Conversations you will be moved, introduced to a new perspective or idea that you may have not considered before. We hope that listeners might even be altered by some of the stories they hear and encouraged to keep the conversations going by starting discussions of their own and really listening to what others have to say.

Look for us on iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher by searching C4C Conversations – we’re really excited to share these stories with you!

Click play on the link below to hear a sneak peek of what’s to come on this season of C4C Conversations.