Two people. One recorder.

Infinite possibilities.

Challenge for Change uses listening and the democratic power of media to foster connections and strengthen relationships between people and communities.

Along the way, we are hearing some pretty amazing stories.

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Emerjade Simms & Anna LeRoux

“I figured out ...I needed to keep a guard up and it’s so tiring.”


Jessica Kalinski & Jordon Lepine

"I just thought my life would be very different than it is, but I’m really happy with where I’m at."


Featured Series

From the Journal

Finding Friendship on the Train

It may not be the fastest, but train travel is arguably the most inspiring way to get from Point A… Read more »

Finding connections in the Digital Age

It’s hard to go anywhere in 2017 without seeing most people, young or old, immersed in some sort of technology…. Read more »

Meeting Nancy, Linda & Pearl

On Challenge for Change’s (C4C) first trip, Senior Producer Brittany Spencer and I travelled by train to Halifax, Nova Scotia… Read more »

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